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I like to work with sound

I also like working with video


                                  and other things


I apply the things I like to do in music

                                           sound design


                                             multimedia exhibition design

                                              and other types of projects

A lot of the time my work involves some kind of generative, interactive or otherwise electronic element 

I sometimes work alone but, now that I look back on it, it seems I most of the time work in some sort of cooperation with people from other fields - which I very much enjoy

You can contact me through:

f j e o e y @ g m a i l . c o m

Here are a few of the things I've been involved in:


(Prelude) The Automaton and the Silicon Cave (2023)

VR installation in collaboration with Martinus Suijkerbuijk.

Showcased at Sónar +D Barcelona 2023.


Future Daughter - Tronada (2024)

Cover design by Henrik Øiestad Myrvold.

Released on Kropp Uten Grenser.


Buranus (2023)

Permanent public sound and light installation at Buran activity park, Trondheim kommune.

Collaboration with ReMida and Lydia Høyem Anker.


Future Daughter is

Ivar Djurhuus

Martin Aspen

Øystein Fjeldbo


Nye krigere (2021).

By Pål Bøyesen, HC Gilje and Future Daughter.

Martinus Suijkerbuijks Endgame/Wasteland


Sounddesign by Øystein Fjeldbo.

Exhibited at Trondheim Electronic Arts Sentre.

Nye krigere cover [Forside] 2.1.jpg

Future Daughter - Nye krigere (2024)

Released on Kropp Uten Grenser.


Amalia Wiatr Lewis' SIGNALING (2022).

Sounddesign for installation and performance.

Exhibited at Vitensenteret Trondheim as part of Meta.Morf 2022 Ecophilia.

Live performance shown at Kunsthall Trondheim.

Documentation by Thomas Lewis.


Martinus Suijkerbuijk's Pater_Noster_2020 (2020).

Generative sounddesign installation.

Exhibited at Babel visningsrom for kunst.

Nære På (2020).

Single by Future Daughter, MBA and Mabi.


Naoko Breathe On Me (2021).

Future Daughter co-production.

Frå elektriske skogar (2023).

Music by Eiliv Andreas Myren Ribe and Øystein Fjeldbo

Dancers Shelmith Øseth and Nichola G. Stephen

Direction Silje Onstad Hålien

Produced by Samspill International Music Network and Riksscenen

Everybody Dance (2020).

Interaction and light design. 

Shown at The Performing Arts Museum (Stockholm),

Rockheim (Trondheim) and the Finnish Museum of Theater (Helsinki).

Jon Vatne Kunsten å se kunst (2020).

Soundtrack by Future Daughter.

Future Daughter Katarakt (2021).

Video and music by Future Daughter.

Released as part of MUTANTS VOL. 5: FREE

Future Daughter Rebirth (2018).

Video by Martin Aspen and Christopher Heiberg, music by Ivar Djurhuus and Øystein Fjeldbo.

ReMida SoundLab (2018).

Rebuilding old electronic instruments and other disposed equipments into electronic music instruments for children.

Future Daughter Transliteration album (2018).

Released on Virtual Feelings.

Future Daughter Ekphrasis EP (2017).

Released as a split with Matthew D. Gantts Plastics on Orange Milk Records.

Artwork by Keith Rankin.

(2 , 2) O (2017/2018).

Nazare Soares, Amalia Fonfara and Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo

( 2,2 ) 0 is a cinematic space where the visual external stimulus is removed. An invitation to navigate through a kinematic montage from a spatial psychoacoustic experience, where the imagination seeks to alter and proliferate, reverberating through the deep cavities of the psyche. The inner space is mapped conceiving another kind of system that isn’t represented spatially but is instead constructed from patterns of single events remapped from intensities, interferences and temporal sensitivity, delays and elastics rhythms. 8 chambers exist simultaneously, each one containing different facets of the acoustic information: it carry sonic characteristics, latency, loudness and modulations of rate and direction. In this way one is orientated within a journey through the architecture of one’s inner space and towards expanding qualities of the imagination, memory and emotion. An inner journey towards a spatiality of ambience, atmosphere and spatial self; the heart may pre-echo endless openings, without the eye, space is navigated by being remembered or imagined.

Exhibited at ArtScience Museum Singapore, Dora 1 Trondheim and Lademoen kunstnerverksteder Trondheim.

KO (2018).

Audiovisual performance, made in collaboration between Future Daughter, Naoko and LuvOcean.

Premiered at Lokal Bar, Trondheim.

Inter 1/2 (2017).

By trying to obtain all information collected and stored online about the artist, using a controversial personality test to analyze this data, Inter 1 and 2 was early steps towards the ultimate goal to create a hybrid being between the organic man and his digital persona. The sound installations let the digital memories manifested themselves as entities moving virtually through the exhibition space amongst the visitors, wearing position tracking headsets with a realtime rendered binaural soundscape.​​

Commissioned by the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions.

Exhibited at Oslo Congress Center and Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art.

Proteus (2016).

«the problem is how to find life without contaminating the planet with bugs from earth»


Proteus is a multimedia installation made for the 2016 Metamorf-biennale in Trondheim. Inspired by the caution humankind shows in the search for extraterrestrial life, Proteus is built to search for one of our true valuable resources: human emotion. It does so by searching for and downloading videos with 0 views on the YouTube-servers, but with no filtering of any kind once it has found content. Doing this Proteus completely neglects the dilemma NASA faced when they found liquid water on Mars. It downloads and adds content to an audio-visual environment (a processing algorithm) in realtime, thus creating an ever expanding ecosystem simulation where the strongest light and loudest sound eats up or shapes the weaker.

Musikk på boks (2019).

Interactive sound design for exhibition at Ringve musikkmuseum.

Lydlab (2019).

Instrument and interactive system design for Rockheims new permanent exhibition.

Bella da Silva Buxbom and Martin Palmers Deceptive Cadence (2019).

Interactive design and musical composition.

Dains me Mæ (2017).

Interactive design for exhibition at Rockheim, Trondheim.

Dans i Norge (2016).

Interactive sound design for exhibition at Ringve music museum. 

Virvel og Fanfare (2017)

Sound design for exhibition at Ringve museum, Trondheim.


Live visuals and coproduction.

Maze of Senses (2017)

Bella da Silva Buxbom and Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo.

Maze of Senses is an interactive sound installation which puts its visitors blindfolded in a tight maze construction. Their natural listening is switched out with a headphone system which senses the proximity to the other visitors, assigning a synthetic sonic identity to each of the visitors. Maze of Senses is an experiment on the imagining of bodies, experienced through the connection / disconnection between the mental image of a body and the tactile sensation of touching one.

Commissioned by the IsFiT festival 2017.

Exhibited at Gallery KiT in Trondheim.

Morild (2015).

Interactive light installation for the Pstereo music festival.

Åse / Fjeldbo

Improvised electroacoustic music.

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